Saturday, March 24, 2007

Postcards From The Stage...

...He's the one in the middle... wearing green... named Gord...

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Postcards From The Camera...

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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Postcards From The Short End Of The Stick...

Can I come out of the non-posting corner yet? Pleeeease??

Ugh.... Ugh! To me, that says it all, but it wouldn't be much of a post. Well, about a week ago Gord started his fever and a few randomly timed vomits. At daycare on Wednesday (of last last week) his temperature hit somewhere around 103ish so we picked him up early and ended up bringing him to Emerg. Our doctor had already left her office for the day so we were left with few choices (and we refuse to bring to him to a walk in clinic - especially considering the Emerg doesn't make kids wait). This task wasn't without its own frustrations of course. The children's emerg is on the complete opposite end of town and traveling down that way at 5pm sucks. Not T.O sucks (or 8 hour traffic jam sucks like the other london), but relatively speaking, it sucks. Half way there we realize we forgot Gord's food and drinks... Ugh. We ended up spending a lot more time driving to, back, to and from then we did at Emerg. The Doc there claimed Gordo had a sore throat and explained that was the reason for the fever. Just keep giving him Tempra (or Tylenol).

Thursday morning (still of last last week) right before heading off to day care he threw up, so I canceled my trip out of town for the day and opened up daddy's day care again. It was not exactly a perfect day. A whole, lot, of, flailing, laying, and whining!

It really sucked because I know he felt sick and it's awful when there is nothing you as a parent can do about it. Can't even explain to him what's going on... so it's tough. He ended up sleeping a lot that day, which made night time real fun!

When it comes to bedtime, Gord is truly amazing. He knows it's bedtime and even if he doesn't fall asleep right away, he quietly lies there and will simply watch his musical crib thingy until he drifts away. It's quite cute because when his music stops (after ten minutes), we will think he is asleep only to hear him rustle around and click it back on. No peeps. Quite cute. This ritual will sometimes take place for 30-40 minutes before he eventually falls asleep.

This particular night however was not the typical night. Having slept so much during the day, combined with the sickness, and perhaps an earlier than required bedtime made it a long procedure to get him to fall asleep. It took about 2 and a half hours for the boy to finally fall asleep. (Now I remember when this was common place so I shouldn't complain that it happened once, but again, it's all relative!).

Friday he was back at day care.

Several days later, (this past) Tuesday specifically, with Gord still having a nagging cough and the occasional vomit at dinner time, I began a sore throat. By Wednesday night I hit the wall. I was up vomiting while Kim was consoling Gord (which again is a rarity now a days. He sleeps peeplessly through the night however this lingering cold/flu of his has him waking up a few times per night). Thursday morning I couldn't move. I've been sick before, but this puts those experiences to shame.

Kim a week or two earlier had decided that while all the kiddies were on spring break, there wouldn't be much to do in the lab so she would take a few days off and get the living room painted (which we have been talking about since we moved 2 years ago). She took the Wed-Fri off. As it happened, my folks came to town to look at a few more houses. They qualified there house search and limited them to ones with a pool. Well, there isn't very much available with an in ground pool... however, there just happened to be one that caught their eye. Anybody ever see "Everybody Loves Raymond"? Well, this house with a pool just happens to be directly across the street from our house. It's not even one or two numbers off... we're blabla42, and this one is 43... it's closer than my shed in the back yard. So, they looked at it on Wednesday and loved it, so they bought it!

Most people would think this is crazy. But truthfully, we're looking forward to it. We have gone nearly 9 years without family in the same city, so it will be nice. Now if only other family would jump on the bandwagon... there are a lot of condo's and other houses for sale around our house!

So anyhow, my folks were about to head back to c-wood, Kim was painting, and I was purging my stomach of saliva as that had been the only thing making it's way down that particular Thursday. Kim was great trying to ease my ailments. Though I wasn't exactly a difficult patient - all the sleeping and all. Though she did take on the parenting a-la-solo. With the living room all disheveled, she picked Gord up from daycare and took him to the mall for dinner and pre-bath-bedtime fun. Gord went to bed with ease that night and I continued my shakes and upity-ups.

Not much change come friday... except Kim started to feel a little icky. With the living room done friday afternoon and the furniture back in place, Gord got home just in time to see Kim start to crash.

I of course acquired the ability to ingest food and liquid by Saturday morning and appeared to be in better shape than my (for the moment) not so better half. Kim stayed in bed while I became the parent on staff. When Kim came to she decided to head to the walk in clinic as an ear infection was suspect number one. Four and a half hours later (5pm) she came home with an antibiotic for the self diagnosed ear infection. She was in no condition to take care of herself let alone her child (or me who I would like to pipe in was still quite sick!!), so she took a bath and I fed the boy. Shortly after I bathed the boy and put him to bed (while kim if I recall was talking on the phone to her mom.... hmm, not too sick to chit chat eh!?!).

I then had to go get groceries. Exciting Saturday night! A buddy of mine had mentioned earlier that was his plans for the evening and I thought I would get the ol grocery task out of the way as well. (Because there was no way Kim was going to make it out). Back at 9 in time to see Kim off to bed with me following shortly after (again, because I must point out that kim was not the only sick one here.... catching the theme??).

Ugh, this morning. Kim initially woke with Gord but didn't take much convincing to get her back into bed. Another daddy-son day. He was a little cranky this morning, hence the early morning post. He is down for a nap. Sounds like he is stirring though which won't leave much time for proof reading...


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