Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Postcards From Another Blog...

The other night, rather than sleep, I was doing my regular blog rounds (family, friends, professional bloggers, etc) and came across a reference to another blog. I began reading, and was quite impressed - well written, sarcarstic, and very funny. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to show off my 'find' to Kim last night with one particular post he made. (Btw, I was very proud of stumbling across this site, and felt a distinct 'ownership' over this find, I'm sure the way Columbus felt about the 'new world')

She read it in tears as she obviously thought it was very funny. As we went through it together, we decided to view some of the 59 comments this guy inspired. We noticed a few familiar names that are found on some of the other 'professional/anonymous' blogs we read, and a whole lot of random people, when suddenly, something grabs our attention. At first it was quite confusing - very out of place. I'm sure we both questioned ourselves about what we saw, and whether we were at the right place - kinda like when you wake up in a bed other than your own, and it takes you a moment to realize where you are... well anyhow, in the midst of the long list of comments, what do we see?



Ms. Byndsay Leech

Yeah, we laughed our assess off. Lyndsay, you sure do love to comment!!!

...there goes my thunder for first discovery.

Here is the orignal post.


Sunday, June 25, 2006

Postcards From... Everywhere!

Holy crap!

...and I thought I knew how to have a good time doing a jig...

Watch this video.


Postcards For The Peanut Gallery...

...and a few others...

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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Postcards From The Barn...

Gordon seems to have a new 'thing'. He sticks out his tongue.

Yeah, he often had his tongue resting near the edge of his mouth, but this new 'habit' started last night. He literally has his tongue hanging out of his mouth - all the time. To the point where I actually looked up if there could be anything wrong with that, and concerned that his tongue may be 'swollen'... cause it's way out there.

Like right now, he is lying on the floor playing with Kim, and his tongue is sticking out of his mouth a good 2 centimeters. He looks like a dog.

And yeah, he smells like he is eating hay. Literally, his poop smells like horse crap.


Oh, and here is a nugget of info - just as I was about to hit 'Publish', kim informed me (as she is on the floor with him playing), that one of his finger nails was found in his belly button... this kid's gettin' fat!

Postcards From The Favourite Parent...

Yay... Gord likes me the best.

As last night was Friday, it became my night to get up when the boy needed soothing etc. Well, the last few nights, he has been getting up quite often, and Kim even had to break the new trend and feed him several times including prior to 3am.

... Well, I am happy to report, that Gord, knowing it was my night to get up, only woke ONCE at 3:15... ate, then woke for the day at 6:30.



Friday, June 23, 2006

Postcards From Germany...

So, what a house this has been. We just started feeling lonely following my mom's departure when more company settled upon our humble abode filling the house with activity. We have become so used to company, that Kim and I can go days without talking to each other…

So, Monday evening we were finally introduced to Celia (from Ottawa) when Kim’s lab cronies gathered for a pamper party. It was so cute to see all the youngin's poking, drooling and biting each other. We were not able to stay too long, as Gord needed to get to bed.

Tuesday, the real fun began, as Celia (oh yeah, and her parents I suppose - whatever their names are... Jen & Tony, or something like that... or Julie & Thomas, yeah that's it...), but anyhow Celia came by Tuesday morning and Gord had his first date.

After some quality time, the two had to take some naps and eat some dinner. Soon it was Gord's bath and bedtime, and Celia headed out on the town. I was left to mind the little one while the others headed to Shiva's (Kim's former Lab Supervisor) who was hosting a 'cocktail party'.

The next day (Wednesday) allowed Gord and Celia to spend some more quality time together.

Figuring it was 4 o’clock where the game was being played, Thomas and I thought it was only prudent to sip a beverage or two while enjoying a competitive game of fooootball.

In the early afternoon, Kim and Julie took the kiddies to another gathering where Thomas and I were left to drink more beer, watch soccer, and play darts... er, I mean, think about what wonderful wives we have...

The ladies and babies returned where the typical dinner and put down routines commenced.

Thursday morning Kim suggested a 'photo shoot' - like we hadn't taken enough pics already...

It was really cute to see Gord and his friend Celia play… We hope we can get them together real soon, and we were very happy to have her stay with us… oh, and yeah, it was nice to see whattheirfaces, Julie and Thomas too…ha ha ha


Thursday, June 22, 2006

Postcards from holyfriggencute...

Prelude to some pics...

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Postcards From Father's Day... A little late...

Oh Father's Day...

The day started out just dandy... by dandy, I mean just like every other day. (Ha ha, just kidding Kimmy... well, kinda - ha).

Kim had absolutely fantastic intentions... she had big plans on bringing me my son, and coffee in bed. Unfortunately, she thought I wanted sleep more. So, I ended up lying in bed for about an hour (sleeping off and on), waiting for this first father's day coffee in bed. When Kim put Gord down for his nap, I knew I couldn't wait another hour, so I got up. Then, as Kim asked if I wanted to a coffee, she had to run up to Gord fussing during his nap - the water was boiling, so I made my coffee. She was disappointed. I of course had to make jokes about it and try and make her feel bad, cause that's what I do!

Beyond that, the day was just awesome!

I got a great present from Gordon:

Kim got me a great pair of sunglasses - very much needed.

Following the gifts, we went out for a drive. A very long drive. Way east, then way South, made our way down to Port Stanley, way West, then homeward.

Once home, Kim made a really really good Chocolate pound cake... mmm very good. Gord and I just hung out.

We sat on the couch, watched golf, and just enjoyed each others company. Well, I enjoyed him, and he enjoyed chewing on things. It was very nice. We hadn't really done that before, and it was really great just 'cuddling' with him. It really made it feel like father's day.

I ended up spending a lot of time thinking that the day isn't about me being 'thanked' or 'pampered', but me being grateful for being a father. It's such an amazing thing to have a child, and this day really gave me time to take it all in and be thankful for everything Gord gives me.

I love that kid.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Postcards For My Dad...

Well, today is Father’s Day. Yes my first Father’s Day. While it is special because it is my first, it’s only going to become more special as the years go by, and I can take the time to reflect on all the good times I’ve had with Gord (et al). Having said that, I can’t help but think of the great times I’ve had with my dad… I thought I’d share a few.

The drives to school/work

I’m sure a big part of the reason my dad and I have such a healthy relationship is because of all the time we were forced to spend together. When we moved out to Skead for the last time (Grade 7), I started getting rides into school with my dad. By the time grade 9 rolled around, it was a permanent thing. Every morning we would make the 30 minute ride into Sudbury where we would end up talking about anything and everything. One conversation in particular had to do with my ‘new’ girlfriend. I asked him if he could see us staying together even into marriage, and his response was “Agh, you’re still young, probably not”… Sorry Kim, I just don’t think he knew you well enough yet.
I may not have realized it at the time, but I truly appreciated this time, and wouldn’t trade it for anything. My mom is still jealous to this day of all the ‘quality time’ that was shared.

The long weekend fishing trip

An honorable mention – when I was in grade 9 my dad and I joined my Uncle Jim (which is really my dad’s cousin) at the cottage in Brent (Algonquin Park) for the annual long weekend fishing trip… good times, good times…

The fishing trip where we almost crashed the boat near the north shore

Another honorable mention fishing trip, started out a simple Saturday morning fishing excursion. We were living in Skead, and would often head out fishing. This one time in particular we explored new waters. I was on ‘lookout’ for shoals with my dad being captain. Riding the crest of a wave, and just as my dad calls up “There is supposed to be a shoal somewhere around here” we notice we are coming down on a massive rock twice the size of the boat, just level with the water’s surface. My dad luckily noticed, threw the motor in heavy reverse causing the nose of the boat to jet out of the water with the shoal directly under the front half of the boat.

Causing the motorcycle guy to crash on our trip to wawa

Yeah, my dad and I have a whole lot of ‘close call’ stories… this one happened to be a close call for the other guy. I’ll leave out the details, but yeah, the title says it all.

The Guns 'n Roses / Randy Travis Road Trip Soundtrack

My dad used to drive for Greyhound, and I would very often ride with him - it’s probably why I get such wanderlust and need to take road trips or long drives on very regular basis. On one of my March Breaks, probably grade 3, I accompanied my dad on all his trips. One in particular was a ‘dead head’ (Meaning an empty bus). I was into Guns ‘N Roses at the time and my dad must have recently acquired a Randy Travis tape (that’s right, cassette). We would take turns listening to one side at a time. Side one GnR, Side One Randy, Side 2 GnR, Side 2 Randy. Well, to this day, I still love that Randy album. I have it on vinyl!!

Building the house boat addition together

I can’t really say I did much in the way of building… at 6 years old, you’re only really good at standing on and holding in place the sheets of wood, or 2x4’s as they are getting cut. Before moving to Skead (for the first time) we had a house boat – tons of good memories here, but the new addition is what sticks out in my mind.

The trips to the 'dump

I don’t know why it is, but when I was 3 and 4, I remember taking a lot of trips to the garbage dump with my dad. I was always fascinated by all the Seagulls.

Walking to School

When I lived in Sudbury (after the valley, and before skead – Kindergarten – Gr. 2), we lived right next to the school – St.Raphael’s. Every morning I would be walked to school by someone in my family. This one day in particular my dad thought I was old enough to walk myself – especially considering we lived literally right next to the school play ground. I was quite apprehensive, but up for the challenge. I made it down my driveway and across the gravel parking lot to the bottom of the stairs leading up to the playground… and I started panicking. I distinctly remember being slightly embarrassed that I was going to all of a sudden have to turn around and head home, so I thought to myself “Oh, I’ll pretend I forgot my reading book”, then I stopped, and thought to myself “Ugh, I forgot my reading book”, (very convincing), turned around and went back home. I remember my dad’s face as I walked in the door, and when I told him I wanted him to walk me to school. He didn’t complain, and walked me back to school.

The Disowning

When I was about 5 years old, I was playing with my friend down the street and was told I had to be home at 4 o’clock. I must have been a few minutes late (but on the way back home) as my dad pulled up in his truck and picked me up. He had a very concerned look on his face, and began giving me a lecture on my ‘lateness and constant bad attitude’. I was completely taken aback. I didn’t think I was late, and I was generally a pretty good kid. Instead of going home, he passed the driveway, continuing his lecture. He came to the point of his stern discussion by stating he did not know what to do with me anymore, and that he was giving me to a ‘home for troubled boys’. Completely in shock, I didn’t know what to say. He pulled up to the back of some building (where the LCBO is now on Barrydowne & Lasalle), told me to get out of the truck, walk over to the unmarked door he was pointing to, and tell them “I’ve been a bad boy”. I resisted as much as possible, but eventually got out of the truck. Tears rolling down my face, I still remember the look on his face (and the smart little smirk on my sister’s face who was also sitting in the truck, happily watching my renunciation go down), as he pointed to the door, and repeated his instructions. I was about 5 or 6 feet away from the truck when he stopped me, called me back and said, “Just kidding Steve, we’re here to pick up a Pizza for dinner”.
We loved the Pat & Mario’s Belly Buster Pizza.

The Stanley cup

When I was 11, my dad hadn’t been driving for Greyhound for several years, however he still had many friends who did. This particular day happened to be when the Hockey Hall of Fame Tour Bus had stopped through Sudbury. The main attraction was obviously the Stanley Cup. It was locked in a glass case at the back of the bus seen by visitors who would walk down the widened aisle passing other memorabilia. Well, it was January 2nd, (my dad’s birthday), and the tour bus was on a day off. It was parked in the Greyhound garage on Barrydowne and my dad got a call stating that the drivers were having a ‘private viewing’. He brought me down, and we were pleased to see that one of the drivers happened to have a key for the glass case. We, unbeknownst to the Hockey Hall Of Fame, had our picture taken hoisting the cup.


My dad never let me win at anything. Maybe perhaps when I was very little, but for as long as I remember, I had to earn my wins. He taught me chess at a fairly young age, and as of 19 years old, I had yet to beat him. When I went off to University, we decided to play a game via email. We both had boards set up by our PC’s, and we each took a turn sending an email, 1 per day, with our move of choice. It took several months, but it eventually came to an end… with my first chess win.

The Jays game / Dinner / Howie Mandel / Groundhog Day, Day o Fun

In grade 8, and as a matter of fact, the anniversary is coming up (June 21), my dad and I took a charter trip to a couple Jays games in T.O. Our first day was an afternoon game, leaving the night free. We went from the game to the ‘Old Spaghetti Factory’ for dinner. On our way back to the hotel, a scalper stopped us and tried to sell us tickets to the Howie Mandel show that had just begun. Nothing else to do, my dad bought the tickets. It was a great show – and even better because it was so impromptu. Following the show, we made it back to our room where we ordered a PPV movie – Bill Murray’s Groundhog day. Neither of us had heard of it, and it ended up becoming on of our favourite movies. A very fun filled day.

Learning Road Signs

When I was about the age of all the trips to the dump, we lived out in the Valley – meaning we spent a lot of time driving. My dad, at the time driving for Greyhound, had a lot of days off, meaning while my sis was at school, and my mom at work, we would spend the days together. I don’t remember much, but what I do remember is standing (that’s right, no car seat or seat belt for this guy), STANDING between the seat and the dash of my dad’s truck (and yes truck, we were true valley northerners). My dad would point out a road sign and ask “What does that mean?” and I would reply with full arm and body movements “The road is going to turn -> that-a-way”.

…and my personal favourite...

Watching my dad take my bike handle in the crotch... ha ha ha

In between our two houses in Skead, we had a camp trailer parked out on the lake, where we spent the ONE summer that we lived in Sudbury. I had a BMX style bike and had learned to pop-a-wheely. And not your standard ‘lift the front tire off the ground for a half second’, I’m talking about ride down the street peddling with the wheel off the ground style (of course I remember it looking WAY cooler than it probably was). Anyhow, my dad thought it would be a good idea to try it for himself. He started out alright – wheel off the ground. However the handle bar turned and when he came crashing back to the ground, the wheel was turned side ways ejecting him forward, directly into the crotch-facing handle. I need to point out though that the rubber handle was loose, and had moved inwards about an inch, causing the metal ring/bar to protrude out… and yeah, that’s what connected with the crotch (or mere centimeters from). He had a massive black welt that stayed there for several weeks following. Ha ha ha.

So, thanks for joining me in my memories.

Happy father’s day dad, and in the words of Randy (Travis) himself…

“Oh I’m gonna love you forever, forever and ever, Amen…”


Saturday, June 17, 2006

Postcards from another Saturday morning...

Mmmm... Saturday's!

Kim doesn't know what she's missing... little miss sleepy sleeperson.

Gord and I are having a nice and relaxing Saturday morning - just hanging out, listening to some new* music, having a coffee, and being cute. Well, I'm having the coffee, and Gord is being cute.

* Yesterday, as I was finishing up some yard work**, I went to put some things back in the Focus Trunk, and came across Kim's purchases for the day. One of the bags was a 'Music World' bag. I felt bad, I knew right away it was for me, and I had a pretty good idea what it was. So, kim realizing I seen the bag, ended up giving me an early fathers day gift... 'The Raconteurs'.

** After finishing up a campus visit*** yesterday afternoon, as well as a few emails and 'office' work, I headed out to tackle the garage. Not that it was crazy messy, just that I have been putting off hosing it down from the winter. Yesterday seemed like a good day. After that, I watered the grass. None of this sprinkler crap, no way, I don't take the 'easy' way out... I water it by hand! Much more active I find. I find it not only relaxing to stand out there and hose down the lawn, but it feels much more rewarding than simply turning on a sprinkler. Having said that, I'm sure I wouldn't be doing that as often if I had a sprinkler that didn't suck ass.

*** So my afternoon campus work consisted of a few professor visit's, but the primary purpose was to have lunch**** with a professor I have become more friends with than customer/sales rep relationship. He is the prof I mentioned that had a daughter a week or so after Gord was born.

**** By lunch I mean beer.

Kim was out with the boy yesterday afternoon swimming once again. From what I hear, serious Gord made an appearance. Where Addis, (Gordie's Buddy), was incredibly animated as he entered the pool (with the exagerated version of the face we all make as we enter cold water - with splashing to follow), Gord's trademark poker face was all he wore as he made his initial dip. (Well, that and his super cute swimming shorts).

So, I'm surprised I've been able to write as much as I did, with just the two of us down here. I can see Gord is 'working' something out, so I think I'll have to be changing a diaper any minute... so I should end it all here.

By the way, Gord is VERY excited to finally meet his girlfriend this coming week. As you can see, he has been 'practicing'...


Thursday, June 15, 2006

Postcards From The Large Intestine...

Ok, so, he's not constipated.

3 Poops in 2 hours tells me loud and clear this baby is not constipated anymore.

Just thought I would provide that little update.


Postcards From A Grunting Baby...

Well, our little plan appears to be working.

First off, for the last week or so, Gordie has been extremely easy to put to bed. His 'routine' finally clicked.

Strip Down
(Lullabies CD)
(Dark room, lying on the floor)

Normally, it would take anywhere from 2 to 10 trips back upstairs to his room where we would need to re-insert his soother, or often stop him from crying/squirming...

Well, as I said, the last week or so, he seemed to figure it all out. We haven't had to return to his room once after putting him in his crib - YAY. (As I knock on wood).

So, our 'plan' was to wean him off of one of his feedings, in hopes that he would sleep longer. He was typically getting up anywhere from 11 - 1, then again around 3-5.

Night One - Up at 1:30. Screaming, Arching, Squirming, and several trips back to his room to get him to fall asleep until 3, when we finally fed him.

Night Two - Up at 1:30ish. No 'screaming', just crying, and needing his soother to get back to sleep. Up quite frequently. Fed at 3

Night 3 - Up at 2ish. Less frequent wake ups, but still too many to make this an 'easier' alternative.

Night 4 - Still getting up, but getting closer to 3.

Night 5 - A step back? Up quite a bit from 1 till 3.

Night 6 - Slept until 2:30. 1 trip to his room to put him back to sleep, which essentially rolled into the 3am feeding.

Oh, and I should say that following his 3am feeding, he is tending to wake up around 5... and in some cases, he would need a feed... which is kinda defeating the purpose - he's just figuring out a way to cheat the system.

Last Night - 'Duhn Duh Duh Duuuhhhhn'.... Slept right until 3... then slept solid until after 6.


However tonight will be the true tell. Was it a fluke? We hope not.

So, on another note - the kid is an eating machine. He is having no issues with all the new foods he is eating.



He is also on Rice, Oats, Barley, and Mix Grains.

But, with all these solids, comes... the constipation!

This kid has been over 30 hours without a poop.

When he started eating his poops went from 3 or 4 a day down to one MASSIVE poop. However yesterday, nothing.

So far today, nothing.

I'll keep you posted.


Sunday, June 11, 2006

Postcards From Sears...


...Thanks 'Uncle Dave' & 'Auntie Tam'.


Friday, June 09, 2006

Postcards From Murphy...

I NEVER use 'Full Serve' at a gas station.

There just seems something wrong about having someone else pump your gas - especially when there is self serve available 2 pumps over.

However... today I needed gas on my way home, and Gord was sleeping in the back, so I didn't want to have to get out etc... and I just so happened to be coming up to 2 gas stations.
One on the left, one on the right.
Both 'Full Serve' only.
The one on the left was a Pioneer, on the right 'Joe's Gas'.
The Pioneer looked quite busy. Joe's - empty.

...path of least resistance... I chose Joe's. I felt uncomfortable when the youngin' came to the window and I said "Fill it up please", but I handed him the company gas card anyhow. It's a fleet/lease car, so I get a card to use when I get gas - I never see the bill.

So the kid starts to fill up the tank, walks inside, then immediately runs back to the car, shuts off the gas, and claims 'Sorry, we don't take this card'.
I said wha?
"We don't take this card - we don't even know what it is".
I tried explaining that it was a fleet gas card, and to try running it like a typical credit card... he came back 30 seconds later with the same puzzled look on his face, and asked for something else.

I thought I would be clever and play the 'that's all I got' trick (in a round about way) claiming it was a company car, and this is what is used for the gas, ie, I don't pay for gas. Realizing this was going nowhere, I took out the company credit card... Amex... yeah, no dice... "Sorry, we don't take that card".


At the end of it all, I ended up having to go into the station, pay debit - MY account - and I still need gas.

So... the moral of the story... If you feed peanut butter to a horse, and it chews on it... it'll look like it's talking!


Postcards From A New Day...

If all the other bloggers jump off a bridge, does that mean I have to too?

Tis the season for updates...

Oh how life changes. I read Lyndsay's recent entry about her weekend of parties, camp, sauna's, swims, sleeping until 1pm, going out after going out, (and partying with MY family (in-laws)) and coming in at 4:30am, only to sleep some more... and I had no idea such a life could exist.

The funny, or sad depending how you look at it, thing, is I didn't even do that much stuff before I had a kid. I think that's why the decision to have kids was so easy for Kim and I. We didn't really lose a life when we opted for kids, we were hoping to get a life. I guess that's why I never really understood why people needed to 'wait' to have kids - I would hear "It's just not the right time in my life"... ah, YOU have a life...Now I get it.

I'm not complaining though - I love my 'new' life. I get to have the late nights (diaper changes, feeding etc), parties (with other babies and parents, mind you they are usually early afternoon and end when someone poops all over their new pants), and now that Gordie is swimming... heck we have it all!

There are quite a few differences mind you. I can't imagine what it's like to actually hear the T.V after 7pm. I haven't brushed my teeth with cold water in, well, 6 months (see the hot water runs quieter than the cold water, so we end up brushing our teeth with the hot water to be quiet). We brag to one another if we just changed the 'most massive POOP' - and sometimes save it to show later when the other is around. My shoulder is wet pretty much all day (from the drool). Our 'special time' (wink wink) music is lullabies through the baby monitor. I get my daily dairy requirements through breast milk (well, more so when we were bottle feeding), but the greatest difference is probably my permanent excuse for acting like an idiot all day and doing my 'jig'. Oh, and I went to bed when it was still light out 2 nights ago... yeah... exciting!

Tangent: Gord is in his Jumperoo right now, and fascinated with the outlet behind him... what's the deal with making electrical outlets look so friendly and inviting!! You think they would make it look more scary, like throw some fangs and evil eyebrows on it.

So Gord is in full swing with his solids. He is up to 3 times a day now, and eating a good 3 tablespoons at each sitting. He is now sampling a variety of grains including rice, barley and oats (mmm...oats... my favourite!). He even has real veggies in the mix now... squash! He is pretty good most of the time... he seems to get bored very easily though.

On another 'new' note... I would like everyone without kids to try something. Find the loudest, most obnoxious sounding thing in your house... ok got it? For most it is probably your smoke alarm - which I suppose will suffice... Alright, now, tonight, when you go to bed, wait until 2am (or 8am for those of you who don't go to bed until 4:30) wake up and immediately turn it on. Break off the 'off' switch and try and figure out a way to get it to stop. You will then have a slight idea what we went through last night.

Now that the boy is eating so much (and over six months), we have decided to wean him off of his nighttime feedings. He tends to wake up at least twice a night for some snacking, but we all know he doesn't need it. So, last night was our first attempt at dropping one of the feeds. We decided the first (usually between 11 and 1am) feed would be a good one to drop.

He woke up surprisingly later than usual - 1:30. We had made a pact that a) we were both going to get up and suffer er, I mean try to put him back to sleep, and b) we would not cave in for a feed until after 3am.

1:30 - screaming starts. We both get up and head to the room ready for battle.
1:31 (literally) - I'm ready to throw in the towel.

I couldn't handle it.

Major kudos to Kim for not giving in. HE WAS WAILING. And not just 'scratchy-throat-this-is-the-loudest-I-can-possibly-scream' scream... he does this little arch the back and head and try to roll over trick making it IMPOSSIBLE to get him flat on his back. After my brief premature surrender, I was head strong to make it through, no matter what. It took a few pick up - put downs, but round 1 was over after about 10-15 minutes.

Intermission was a brief 2 minutes before 'Round 2' began.

This round went fairly smooth, and he was soothed quite easily.

Second Intermission - a little longer than the first.

Round 3 - back to square 1. A few pick ups required, plenty of back arches, and quite a few shared looks between Kim and I that silently screamed 'What the hell did we get ourselves into'.

45 minutes after we started, he appeared to be down for good. A very quick round 4 only requiring a soother re-submission, and he was out until 4:15am.

Yay for us.

It's insane seeing your child screech knowing that it can very easily be stopped by putting a breast in his mouth.

So, 1 night down, who knows how many to go... and this is only the first feeding we need to wean him off of.

So, that's that for now.


Thursday, June 01, 2006

Postcards From A Copy Cat...

Well, actually, I'm not the copy cat, Gord is.

As touched on yesterday, Gord was quite the cranky pants. He was really teething, and i'm sure he could pick up on the negative energy that was spewing out of Kim and I .

Kim tried feeding him some rice cereal yesterday morning - as we are now moving it to twice a day. He ate a good portion. However, come dinner time, the boy wanted nothing to do with it. He ate little to none.

Well, tonight began as a clip show from last night. Kim had decided to try out the oat cereal - no formula, just add water. It tastes SO much better!

So we began feeding him, and Gord wanted nothing to do with it again! We had to take him out of the highchair and walk him around - screaming!!

Kim sat him on her lap, and we tried again - screaming!!

After a few minutes, he settled down. Partly because I was hoping he would catch on, and partly because it actually tasted really good, I began eating a few spoonfuls. I was exaggerating the eating motion, and Gord just stared. When I went to try and feed him a spoonful, he opened widely, and accepted it! Yeah for me... I mean Gord!

He ended up eating more tonight than he has at any other time. Mind you it was really runny, but all in all, he ended up eating about 1.5 table spoons of 'powder' or 3 tablespoons of prepared cereal.

We have been noticing him really starting to copy us. He stares, and you can see him figuring things out, and sure enough ends up doing it. Kim today was 'blowing raspberries' and yup, Gord after a few minutes of eyebrows moving up and down (that's his 'thinking' action), he blew back.

So that's that.