Sunday, October 15, 2006

Postcards From A Born Again Blogger...

Did I use that title before? It seems familiar... but nonetheless a relevant title.

Sorry about the triple post... I guess I had some posts to catch up on, and that seemed the easiest way to get the post count up.

I have to say that I made several attempts at posting over the last month or so, but half way through the posts I realized how boring they were so I would end up deleting, or just saving the draft copy.

A few posts that could have been... but thankfully (for you) weren't:

The Adventures Of Finding Cheese
The Little Cold That Was
All About Housecleaning
Happy Birthday Celia (Yes, I would have found a way to make even this entry incredibly dull)
The Morning We Found The Door Wide Open
And of course an entry or two that spoke of explosive poop.

So, we just had a good (but very quick) weekend up in Suds-bury for my cousins wedding. It was a whole lot of fun, and I have a few things to say about it - but I'll save this for another entry, as it is way passed the boy's bedtime and we are exhausted from the ride home.

Cheers for now.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Postcards From a "Pop Up" Free Site...

Damn pop-ups!

I use Firefox, so I never noticed, however last night when we got to Sharon's place I was bombarded with Pop Up ads when I opened her Internet Explorer.

It drove me crazy.

Today, after setting her up on wireless (which is a WHOLE other story that I really don't have time to get into), I thought I would try and save her computer from these damn pop ups that would happen when Internet Explorer was opened.

I knew there must have been some spyware or something because the pop ups would happen on her homepage - which was this site.

So, I searched high and low on her PC for some spyware program etc. Nothing. I updated her Adaware program. Still getting the pop ups.

In the off chance it was my site, I changed her homepage to google. The pop ups stopped. Then I noticed on my latest postcard was a picture I 'borrowed' from a party site ("It's a Girl" balloon). I thought perhaps that image being loaded was somehow causing the pop ups. I took that image down.

Still getting pop ups.

After checking every post, I realized it was something in my template.

Long (and boring story) made short, it turned out to be my visitor thing that counted how many people were currently reading this site.

So, it's gone. No more pop ups. Sorry to anyone who was getting annoyed.


Thursday, October 05, 2006

Postcards For Alex...

Congratulations Dave & Tam!

Little Girl Grant (Alexandra) was born this morning at approx 2:50am via C-Section after a very long day!

I'm so happy for you both and I can't wait to meet my little niece.