Sunday, December 17, 2006

Postcards From An Over-Dramatic..

Friday, December 08, 2006

Postcards From Snow Day...

Well, another family gathering has been (possibly) cancelled due to Ol Ma Nature.

We were supposed to get up to C-Wood later today for my Mom's B-day, with a drop in on Alex and her folks tomorrow, but yeah, the (literally) over 2 feet of snow (literally) has put a kink in that plan.

We're hoping it melts by this afternoon...

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Postcards From Daddy Daycare...

As written on Gordon's 'notes' from Daycare today:

8:40 - "Went to have a snack but vomited"

... and that's all she wrote!

At 8:41 I got the phone call... equivalent to a call from the police at 2am... I knew what it meant.

fade to hazy black as we enter the flashback sequence...

Yesterday when I brought Gord in to daycare I was warned that we may see "OUTBREAK" signs posted by the ministry. There had been a flu 'outbreak' apparently. Ministry standards claim that 3 sick kids in 24hours means they have to be called in and everything needs disinfecting. We arrived around 11 am as Gord had his 1st year check up with the Doctor. By this time they were just finishing the decontamination phase - everything had been disinfected and sterilized. This was the first I heard of any sick little babies. There had already been 4 or 5 kids either sent home or kept home as a result of vomiting (out of either end). I thought it would be wise to bring Gord home but the damage had been done. Either he was going to get sick or he wasn't, so I opted to leave him as I did have some work to do.

fade to hazy black as we return to present post...

After a disheveled start this morning I was just about to take my shower when the phone ran... I was informed of the 8:40 incident. Apparently, she turned to warm his snack and looked back to see Gord surrounded by vomit.

When I arrived to pick him up he was in a different outfit, hair was wet (due to a washing) and he was missing a shoe (which was in the 'dirty' bag with his other garments). There was only 1 baby there who had not yet been sick. He was going to be getting a lot of attention today I imagine.

I was intending on heading out of town today, but all is well as the weather was horrible. Gord and I ended up having a fantastic day. Absolutely no sign of a flu, and he ate and slept very well.

He is so close to walking. He really likes to hold on to our fingers and stroll, however he won't take too many chances on his own or even with one hand. So, we trick him. We put a ball in each hand and loosely hold on to his hips. He can take 2-3 steps at a time without any support from us. Walking by Christmas I tell ya...

Ok, it's bath time and he is having a tantrum on the floor... big baby!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Postcards from the First Year...

Happy Birthday Gordon!

Or, click here if having 'issues'.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Postcards From 52 Weeks Later...

As you can probably tell, I really like to look back and reflect on the past. Well, it's hard not to this week, as it was 52 weeks ago today that this long strange trip began.

I thought that while I was spending a lot of time reflecting, I can let you in on the fun...

Friday Morning - The Sweep - are we having a baby?

Friday Afternoon - The Update - It doesn't look like we're having a baby

Friday Night - Labour? - I think we're having a baby

Gordon - We had a baby!