Thursday, August 31, 2006

Postcards from the driveway...

Flashing forward 4 years, all I could picture was gord running into the house screaming,
"Mommy, Mommy, look what I found!!!"

We found this in the driveway... eewwww.

Postcards from corner...

Well today was the second day, and I was really hoping I would have a better experience picking up Gord.

After walking in on the boy yesterday, I was very curious to see what I was going to witness today...

I walked in on the room of kiddies playing and I again quickly ask how Gord is doing...

I turn the corner, and there is my sweet little boy...

In the corner of the room is a swing hanging from the ceiling, and there Gord was, hanging, swaying, and passed out. Oh So cute!

Not as sad as yesterday, but instantly flashing through my mind were those cheesy '70 spy movies where the 'handsome hero' is hanging in a giant birdcage within the evil villain's lair...

I packed him into the car, and easily transferred him to his crib where he woke a happy and well rested little boy!

Who knows what tomorrow brings...

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Postcards From The First Day Of The Rest Of His Life...

Well, today was the first day. Gordo's BIG day!

... Day care!

Kim started working on Monday. That was hard for her. One because we didn't get in from Sudbury until after midnight, but also for the more obvious reason. Kim had probably had not been away from Gordie more than 8 hours cumulative in the last 8 months - now she had to go 8 hours straight without seeing him - this was a first.

She handled it very well, and only teared up a little as she got into the car and we drove away. Luckily kim's mom was/is here for the week so we knew he was in good hands.

Today was a different story however.

Today being the first of 3 half days, we had to drop him off for 9am. Kim was a little choked up before, during, and after the drop off, but I felt very good about the whole ordeal. Partly because I needed to convince Kim that we were doing the right thing, but also because I truly believed that this was a more positive situation for Gord than being stuck at home all day. In day care, he can learn social behaviours, have access to a variety of activities and toys, and learn some new tricks, ie sitting up on his own, crawling, etc.

I left today feeling very good about it all.

That's not how I feel anymore.

I picked him up at noon today and by the time I got Gord to the car I had that feeling. A very sinking feeling. I was very happy to see him, but I couldn't help but feel incredibly sad at what I saw when I went in.

At first glance, it was very harmless (and in all reality IS very harmless, but just let me have my moment). I walked in to the infant room and saw some babies walking around and crawling. The care givers were there, we said 'Hello' and I instantly asked how Gord was.

"Good" they said, "He's just sitting by the window."

I turned the corner to see the room full of kiddies playing, and there was my sweet little Gordie, back facing me, propped up in a seat looking out the window - alone.

I was so happy to see him I didn't really think anything of it. By the time I got to the car however, I wanted to cry.

Up to that point, I had this vision of Gord laughing, playing and having a grand 'ol time. But when I saw him staring out that window (the window I drove by just moments earlier) all by himself, the reality of what we were doing hit me. We are leaving him with strangers who could never, ever love him as much as we do. They are being paid to make sure he eats, sleeps and stays relatively safe.

I can't get that image out of my mind. I haven't shared this with Kim yet as I don't want to upset her (and at the rate of my 'posting postcards' I don't think she bothers to check this anymore). But yeah, the more the day progresses, the more disheartened I am about the whole day care thing.

I know this is a typical emotion that parents go through, but as I said, I was 100% for him being there so I wasn't really prepared for this.

So yeah, there ya go. I'm going to go give Gord a big hug...


Thursday, August 17, 2006

Postcards From The Fourth Year...

Today is my 4 year wedding anniversary. Yay for us! I thought this was a worthy cause to break my blog-o-silence.

While it doesn’t seem like ‘just yesterday’, it doesn’t seem like long ago either that we got up in front of our families and promised to put each other before ourselves… and I can honestly say we have stayed true to that promise.

I’d like to think, and without sounding arrogant, I truly believe, that Kim and I have the best type of relationship. We grew up together. We were there together through all the major milestones in our lives. She is my best friend, and she knows me better than anyone else ever will. But at the root of our relationship is the key to making it last. We respect each other. It sounds like a simple statement, but I respect Kim so much, that I will always put her interests before mine. To make this work however is that Kim is always sure to do the same.

There is nothing more that I can say today that I haven’t said already, and on a very regular basis. Anniversaries are good reminders to tell your significant other that you love them and bla bla bla, but when it comes to Kim and I, we are sure to remind each other everyday.

What I see this day as, is a good day to reflect on all the amazing ways Kim has enhanced my life. (Here comes the clichés…). I can’t imagine being with anyone else. Kim, you make me laugh like not even I can make myself laugh (which says a lot)… You are the one I can count on to never dismiss (vocally anyhow) my crazy ramblings and whims… You are always there – yeah, that’s it, you are just always there. Don’t you ever have somewhere else to be? For some reason, I can never seem to lose you… but I wouldn’t want anyone else to be there anyhow. I am so grateful that even legally, you can’t leave me. I love you so much, and I will never stop loving you. We grow closer everyday, and I look forward to the day we officially become Siamese/conjoined.

Thank you for letting me wake up next to you everyday.

I love you.