Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Postcards from Work

Well, I went back to work today. A little earlier than expected, but as crazy as it sounds, I will be able to spend more quality time with Gordie this way. With the mum-in-law helping out, there is no need for me to be around during the day.

This way:

  • I can get a decent sleep - we take 'shifts'
  • Stay out of 'Gran's' way (and she can spend quality time with Gord, herself)
  • I get paid (a biggie)
  • Laundry, etc gets done without me feeling guilty someone else is doing it (see point #2)
  • I have alone time with the boy - again, the shift thing
  • I can take more time off later - as I was expecting to take a total of 5 days off, and can now take them at a later date
  • It is weird being at work, knowing I have a son sitting at home...I get to say things like, "hey, I have a son"... and, "Yeah, Gord, my son, he's with his mom right now" and my favourite - "Sorry, can't work late tonight, I have to pick up my son"... that last one is a bit of a lie, because I don't have to pick him up per se, but the parts about not being able to/wanting to work late and having a son is accurate.

    Speaking of how much I hate my employer... Well, I was thinking it anyhow ... I was informally informed several months back that our 'benefits package' (I use the term loosely) covers semi private rooms in the hospital, at a cost of $220 per night, and you only have to pay the difference for a private room (additional $20) - which is great... if it was true. Apparently, (more matter of factly actually) our fantastic 'BENEFITS' package doesn't cover semi-private, but rather GENERAL WARD. Um... ... I ah think ... yeah... mmm - OHIP?!!? So basically, you don't actually have to be employed at this company to take advantage of this amazing 'benefit package'. GENERAL WARD IS COVERED BY OHIP YOU STUPID CHEAP M*THER F#CKERS! At least have the balls to say 'we don't offer any benefit coverage'... but no, they actually have the audacity to say (and I quote directly from the email I received) -

    "Hi Tracy,
    As I"m not sure who you're referring to, I'm sending you the response and you can forward it to the employee.
    Our group plan covers Ward room in a hospital only. If the employee wishes to use a semi-private room, he will have to pay for it."

    Yeah, this is the same company that:

  • changed our compensation plan and didn't tell us about it until 2 weeks after it had taken affect
  • Removed the bonus plan, and lowered our commission rate - calling it an 'incentive compensation plan'
  • Didn't pay us for 2 months and again, didn't tell us there would be a 'hiccup' until after we checked our bank account for our pay
  • Overpaid me (unknowing to me - which I agree, I owed the money back), but decided to take the entire amount (>$700) off my next paycheck without telling me. I again found out when I checked my bank account (from which I understand is not only unethical, but a little illegal, as they are supposed to work out a payment plan - or at least INFORM you). Oh, and the timing was just perfect - the day my wife went into labour and I racked up >$1000 in hospital charges which I was under the impression was covered by the company - which I again found out AFTER the fact (ie today) was not the case.
  • Offered an incentive in september, which I successfully earned, and have been waiting for and asking for since (and still have not received the $200 Petro gas card). Moreover, the VP who needs to own up to it, has down right LIED on more than one occasion that the cards are coming. He actually used the excuse - " I sent it to the wrong address" - Dumbass! (Update - I hear the cards are in the building - but get this, for $100 - he claims he forgot the amount
  • I know everyone hates their job/employer, but really, how much shit can one be force fed. Oh, and I forgot this one - they CONSTANTLY remind us that we may all be out of jobs tomorrow cause this location is on the brink of closing... mmm job security... they got that management tactic from the american government I can only assume - 'fear motivates!'. I could go on forever . . .

    Anyhow, I should go, I can't work late, I have to go pick up my son...


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